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Case studies

Blake Ecotec install unique Froling SP Dual Log and Pellet Solution in Somerset A unique dual burning renewable heat solution supplies heating and hot water to farmhouse in Somerset

The Client;
Mr. Simon Counsell.

The Property;
Gilbert Lodge, Winthill, Banwell, North Somerset.

The Project Included;

  • Froling SP Dual 28kW Wood Pellet and Log Gasification Boiler Solution.
  • 2,500 litre Galu accumulator tank, 3kW Immersion Heater and Under-floor heating.
  • Touch screen monitor to allow the customer to easily monitor boiler performance.
  • Full Project Management, including design, installation, maintenance and RHI Application.

Pay Back Period;
6-7 years (if purchasing Biomass Fuel) or 4 years (if using own supply of fuel).

RHI Payments;
A project of this size would gain £27,597.77 in Government funded payments over the 7 Domestic Scheme year period.

Total Cost;

The Project Requirement
Situated in the North Somerset village of Banwell, Mr. Counsell wanted a way to make use of a plentiful supply of logs available on his farmland with an intelligent, green energy solution to supply heating and hot water to his 213m2 renovated property.

Project Summary
The team designed, installed and commissioned a full domestic heating solution to provide heating and hot water, including an underfloor heating solution, to the entire house.

A converted garage space served as a boiler room extension to fit the Froling SP Dual 28kW Wood Pellet and Log Gasification Boiler Solution, 2,500 litre Galu accumulator tank and 150mm diameter stainless steel flue pipe.

The Froling SP Dual solution installed at Gilbert Lodge is a significant advancement in Biomass Boiler technology. The system includes separate log and pellet combustion chambers mean both fuels can be burnt. This unique dual combustion feature mean that the solution is highly efficient and guarantees both low emissions and energy costs.

The system allows log burning up to the length of 56cm and usually only requires filling once a day. The logs are ignited either manually, through existing burning log embers or an igniter or alternately, automatically by burning pellets in the adjoining chamber before filtering onto the logs. The automatic cleaning system simply removes ash into a detachable ash box.

By utilising the separate combustion chamber design either fuel source can be selected and when the logs have burnt out the pellet feature will automatically start, meaning no interruption to heating.

The solution works at 92% efficiency compared to the properties previous oil system which worked at only 80%. Mr. Counsell also saves considerably on fuel costs; the biomass wood pellet cost 6.0p per kilowatt of heat produced in comparison to a much higher 6.9p per kilowatt for the oil system and he also has the added saving of his own log fuel supply.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
Compliant within the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, Mr Counsell will receive payments over a 7 year period.

The solution will deliver substantial net fuel cost savings of £17,628.40 if Mr. Counsell chooses to purchase his fuel across the 7 year scheme. Our installation will enable Mr. Counsell to receive RHI payments of 12.2p per kWh of heat generated by the system through submitting quarterly meter readings to OFGEM, a total of £27, 597.77 in RHI Payments alone, calculated against the property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Add this to the savings made on fuel and the project will gain at least £31,653.49, or £45,226.16 at the most, in additional income over 7 years. The RHI payments and the fuel cost savings will see the initial outlay paid off in just under 5 years, before turning a profit for the remaining 2 years of the scheme.

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