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Case studies

MCZ Compact 24 heats Bowers Hill Farm Blake Ecotec supply Renewable heating and hot water solution to Somerset Farmhouse

The Client;
Mr. Rob Thompson.

The Property;
Bowers Hill Farm, Station Path, Somerton, Somerset.

The Project Included;

  • MCZ Compact 24 Wood Pellet Boiler Solution.
  • 250 litre Telford Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Cylinder.
  • Full Project Management, including design, installation, maintenance and RHI Application.

Pay Back Period;
3-4 years.

RHI Payments;
A project of this size would gain £24,627.72 in Government funded payments over the 7 year period.

Total Cost;

The Project Requirement
In the village of Somerton, Mr. Thompson's Bowers Hill Farm site required an intelligent, green energy solution to replace an existing oil system and supply heating and hot water to his farmhouse while also reducing his carbon footprint, improving the EPC rating and producing an annual income via the RHI.

Project Summary
The team designed, installed and commissioned a full domestic heating solution to provide heating and hot water to the building.

In the farmhouse's utility room we installed a 22kW MCZ Wood Pellet solution, 250 litre hot water cylinder and 130mm Nova twin walled flue which ran up through the building and out at the roof.

The Compact 24 is a simple, versatile and cost effective pellet boiler. Fuelled by wood pellets the solution has a large 100 litre or 65kg built in hopper.

In addition the installed solution includes an Eco Stop function, turning off the boiler when the desired temperature in the house has been reached and turning the boiler back on if the temperature drops below.

High powered and compact, this solution has the circulation pump and expansion vessel already built into the structure, meaning it was ideal for the amount of space available in the utility.

The MCZ Compact 24 is a fully automatic and produces 22kw of heat to water, which provides ample heating and hot water for Mr Thompson's home.

The solution works at 92% efficiency and Mr. Thompson also saves considerably on fuel costs; the biomass wood pellet cost just 5.1.p per kilowatt of heat produced in comparison to a much higher 6.9p per kilowatt for the original oil system.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
Compliant within the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, Mr Thompson's Wood Pellet solution will receive payments over a 7 year period.

Originally installed at Bowers Hill Farm in April 2013, the MCZ Compact 24 qualified for the, now closed, Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme. Meaning he received a £950 installation grant alongside the RHI payments.

The solution will deliver substantial net fuel cost savings of £4,417.83 across the 7 year scheme. Our installation will enable Mr. Thompson to receive RHI payments of 12.2p per kWh of heat generated by the system through submitting quarterly meter readings to OFGEM, a total of £20, 209.88 in RHI Payments alone.

Add this to the savings made on fuel and the project will gain approximately £24,627.72 in additional income over the duration of the scheme. The RHI payments and the fuel cost savings will see the initial outlay paid off in just under 3-4 years, before turning a profit for the remaining period.

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