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Commercial Renewable Heating Solutions

Any building that is used for a commercial use and is registered for business use is eligible to claim the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This covers all from small businesses right up to large scale office blocks and factories.

The Stats:

The Commercial RHI will pay for every eligible kWh of energy consumed by the building. The maximum amount of heat that is eligible for payment is determined by the capacity of the boiler. The tariff stands at 7.6p/kWh (October 2014) for boilers up to and including 199kW, after this threshold the tariff drops to 2.1p/kWh.

Large commercial premises with a heat loss of over 200kWh may wish to consider having two boilers installed as the payback period for two boilers <200kW at 7.6p/kWh hours greatly outweighs the benefit of having one 200kW+ boiler at 2.1p/kWh. The RHI does allow multiple boilers in the commercial sector.

The Options:

For boilers just under 200kW a fully automated self cleaning wood chip boiler or an external log gasification boiler are very viable options, as is wood pellet. This will depend on the individual client or business and their needs and requests for heating.

In many commercial premises large gas or oil boilers are still in place and can be used as back up generation and we have a wealth of experience in fitting these types of solutions.. In order for a renewable heating system and a fossil fuel system to run side by side the heating systems need to be interlocked, by doing this only the heat generated by the biomass system will affect the heat meter readings.



We supply and install a wide range of biomass boilers, biomass stoves, air source heat pumps and solar systems from manufacturers including:
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