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Biomass Heating Solar Heat Pumps

Flat Plate and Vacuum Tube Systems

Solar thermal installations can be an effective way to reduce the heat load required for a dwelling or building's hot water supply.

Solar thermal solutions heat or aid heating to hot water systems such as domestic and commercial hot water as well as other applications such as heating swimming pools.

This technology is eligible for both the Commercial and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Evacuated Tubes:

Evacuated tube solar thermal panels are the most common solar thermal panel on the market. The system works through a panel with an array of 10-40 evacuated tubes, dependent on manufacturer.

How does it work?

  • The evacuated tubes are surrounded by reflective material on the underside of the tubes.
  • As the sunlight and heat hit the panel heat is transferred to the evacuated tubes either directly or via reflection.
  • These tubes are filled with fluid, most commonly Gycol, which has a greater thermal conductivity than water and the heat is pumped from the panels to a hot water cylinder or accumulator tank.

Flat Plate Panels:

Flat Plate Panels utilise a flat, darkened area of the panel which acts an absorber of the heat generated by the sun.

How does it work?

  • The plate is filled with Gycol to extract heat from the panel.
  • That heat is pumped away from the panel via a circulation pump to a hot water cylinder or accumulator tank.

Both panels are very effective at generating hot water and work with un-vented hot water systems. It is customer preference as to the choice of panel.

Both types of panel are available in the following arrangements:

  • On roof mounted: The panels are secured to the roof with a frame and ballasted to prevent damage.
  • In roof mounted: Existing roof tiles are removed and the panel is secured to the internals of the roof. This makes a more aesthetically appealing installation as the panel does not protrude.
  • A frame mounted: Panels are installed on a flat roof and installed on a ballasted frame ensuring that the panel will be exposed to longer periods of sunlight and heat.
  • East/West mounted: In the event that there is an insufficient south facing area for installation the panels are secured to the east and west so that they can absorb heat through the entire day.

How much could you earn?

Take a look at our RHI Calculator to find out exactly how much you could earn from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Case Studies for Flat Plate and Vacuum Tube Systems

Flat Plate and Vacuum Tube Systems, Great for...

  • South facing buildings or land
  • Areas that have little shading
  • Properties with a high water demand
  • Properties with solar rated cylinders or thermal store
  • Domestic and commercial
  • Swimming pool heating

RHI Calculator


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