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Biomass Heating Solar Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps use natural, ambient heat from the ground to generate heat.

The solutions are made up of a ground loop (conductive heating circuits buried underground) and a heat pump situated at ground level. Pipes can be laid in horizontal trenches or vertical boreholes.

A Glycol fluid mixture is pumped around the ground loop and absorbs heat stored in the ground.

The pump takes the heat from the fluid and transfers it through a heat exchanger and compressor before feeding it into the heating system to provide heating and hot water to the property.

A ground source heat pump increases the temperature extracted from the ground by between one and a half and four times. A ground temperature of 12°C will see the Heat Pump create an output between 18 and 48°C.

The Benefits:

  • Heat pumps can run at an efficiency of up to and over 400%, if designed accurately. An electrical supply is required but due to its efficiency, for every 1kW of electricity supplied the heat pump will provide 4kW of thermal energy.
  • Eliminate the need for fuel delivery.
  • Fully automated and do not require cleaning (Carbon Neutral, Non-combustible Fuel).
  • Due to the high efficiency rating heat pumps are a cheaper alternative to gas, oil, electricity and some biomass heating solutions (design dependent).

Heat Collection Options:

  • Vertical Borehole - – A vertical borehole collects heat stored in the bedrock. One or more holes are drilled into the ground to a depth of between 40m and 200m, dependant on the project and surrounding environment, and a pipe is then installed to collect energy.
  • Horizontal Trench - A horizontal trench collects heat stored near the surface. The ground loop is buried 1 metre below the surface, extracting heat at a rate of between 10 to 15W per square metre depending on conductivity of the ground.

Heat pumps are well suited to new build homes and renovations as the building standards are higher. However, they can provide substantial savings as a partial heating system using the existing oil/gas boiler as a back up for when the weather is particularly cold and the existing radiator system.

However, installing Heat pumps into new build homes also means that it is easier to install heating systems such as in-screed under floor heating, which is more efficient than overlay and provides greater thermal conductivity for heating.

How much could you earn?

Ground Source Heat Pumps are eligible for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Non Domestic RHI scheme.

Take a look at our RHI Calculator to find out exactly how much you could earn from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Ground Source Heat Pumps, Great for...

  • New builds
  • New builds
  • Retro fits
  • Underfloor heating

RHI Calculator


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